Asda Calorie Counted meals

Asda has given its own label chilled ready meals range a spring clean, clearing out well-known recipes while ramping up its healthier and higher-end variants.

Over recent weeks, Asda has axed hearty mainstays such as Battered Haddock Fillet with Chips and Lasagne Al Forno [Brand View w/e 16 May 2017], with a total of almost 50 options pulled from chillers.

About 60 have taken their place, including almost 20 new meals under Asda’s chilled Premium range, including Chicken & Pulled Ham Tortiglioni Bake and Smoked Haddock Risotto.

The new arrivals also include Asda’s new Calorie Counted range, which The Grocer tipped earlier this year for launch. Seven SKUs – including  Creamy Prawn Linguine, BBQ Pulled Pork & Sweet Potato Mash, and Chicken & Bacon Carbonara – hit shelves in late April, with kcals ranging from 66 to 205 per 100g.

It comes as premium own label sales across all categories have shot up 36% in value over the past four years to £3.7m [Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 25 March 2018].

Consumers now saw posh ready meals as a valid alternative to dining out, said Hari Ghotra, a chef and meal kit supplier. “They want to be wowed and are willing to spend a little more than they would on a standard ready meal.”

Calorie counting was also “part of how many people live their lives today” she added. “Consumers are now tracking daily calories through apps, so rely on this info to be be readily available on pack.”