Daniel Selwood

Daniel Selwood

Daniel Selwood is The Grocer’s food & drink editor, managing news about branded and own-label fmcg – from biscuits, bagged snacks, soft drinks and cereal to hot beverages, personal care, pet food and tobacco. (But not booze.)

He covers topics including NPD, shrinkflation, sustainability, ranging, and consumer trends.

Daniel joined the magazine in January 2016 from financial & legal publisher LexisNexis, and has since appeared numerous times on BBC radio to discuss the likes of olive oil, chocolate and Heinz Salad Cream.

He has 25 years’ experience in journalism, and has written on topics as diverse as taxation, music, beer, dating, social media, the funeral industry, motoring and local history.

Follow Daniel on Twitter: @danielmcselwood

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01293 610369

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