Asda’s drive to bring US products to UK shelves continued this week with the roll-out of RC Cola.

Regular and diet Royal Crown Cola launched in the US in 1905 is available nationwide in two-litre bottles (rsp: £1.28) and six-can packs (rsp: £1.87). The bottles are on promotion at just 50p for the next two weeks.

The arrival of RC Cola comes after 12 Hershey’s confectionery products hit Asda last week, including dark and milk chocolate 100g bars (rsp: £1.50) and 148g packs of bite-sized chocolate Kisses (rsp: £2.30).

The retailer is also selling exclusive Extra Creamy bars and Kisses, developed for UK shoppers not used to the distinctive taste of original Hershey’s.

The launches are part of a Walmart drive to take US lines global and follow a pledge by Asda chief executive Andy Clarke to increase the number of international products on sale.

UK products are also being exported to Walmart businesses overseas. Cadbury biscuits are going into Walmart stores in the US and Asda Extra Special wine is available in the Walmart-owned Seiyu chain in Japan.

Asda said a survey had identified peanut butter and Twinkies cakes as being high on the list of Brits’ favourite American foods.

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