Asda has carried out a “root and branch” overhaul of its wine range with the introduction of 250 new wines and permanent double bays for three-for-£10 offers in all stores. The number of Extra Special premium own-brand lines has been increased by almost 50% to 50 wines. All stores will now have two bays dedicated to rosé wine in response to growth in that part of the market, and fine wine sections are being introduced in 30 top-end stores.

The changes were the result of a nine-month range review that had reassessed every SKU in the wine line-up, said Philippa Carr MW, Asda’s senior wine product development manager. “We’ve gone back to basics and looked at what the customer wants in terms of style, price point and country of origin,” said Carr. “Every product has had to justify its place in terms of offering quality at value for money. We’ve looked at the range and the fixture to provide more simplicity because wine is something customers traditionally find difficult to navigate.”

Countries would be more carefully blocked together in-store and every wine would have at least three facings to improve visibility, said Asda, adding that gaps in the range had been plugged and duplication in reduced.

“There are economic pressure on our customers and producers,” she said. “The number of AB shoppers in our stores has gone up 18% in recent weeks, so everybody is looking for a bargain. But this review isn’t just about being cheap – it’s about having the best value we can at price points across the board.”