Aston Manor Brewery has become the UK's biggest supplier of own-label cider following its acquisition of rival Devon Cider Company and has set out its stall to double total sales to £100m by 2012.

The Frosty Jack's owner bought Devon Cider Company from administrators last week for an undisclosed sum in a deal that will see Birmingham-based Aston producing 72 million litres per year, up from its current output of 40 million litres.

Aston, which claims to have recorded a 25% value growth to about £54m over the past year, said it now had more than half the own-label cider contracts in the UK. It would supply own-label cider to "all the retailers and discounters bar one of each", said MD Peter Ellis, adding that the acquisition would see Aston's sales hit £75m next year as Devon Cider Co's sales totalled £20m before the company entered administration in September.

"We have removed a competitor and bought market share," said Ellis. "We're aiming for £100m, although it might take a year or two to get there. The growth prospects are for us to grow own label.

"In terms of promotions, the multiples are supporting their own labels more than brands, so own label will grow although we would like our own brands to grow just as much."

Sales of Aston's white cider brand Frosty Jack's have grown 6.6% to £22.4m over the past year [Nielsen MAT 3 October 2009] and the company said it planned to focus future branded NPD on the premium end of the spectrum through its other cider brands, which include Duchy Originals Dry Reserve Cider.