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Grocer Weekly Report
FishPrice in GBP per tonnem-o-m %y-o-y %Comment
Sardines (ES) 2684 20.10% 26.50% Sardine prices have increased following restrictions placed on Portuguese fishing vessels in October. Portuguese sardine catches are now limited at 150 kilos a day and can now only make up for 5% of the total catch on ships.
Salmon (farmed, NO) 6064 19.30% 88.90% In October, Norwegian salmon prices started to increase driven by a fall in larger +6kg sizes salmon supplies and high demand from Europe.
Haddock (NO) 852 8.50% 8.70%  
Skipjack tuna (TH) 1126 5.40% 15.10% Tuna prices increased in Thailand through September due to low catches caused by a seasonal Fishing Aggregating Device (FAD) ban which started in July.
Whiting (UK) 1932 2.90% 47.40%  
Horse Mackerel (ES) 2388 2.80% 39.40%  
Cod (NO) 1504 2.50% 24.00% In October, cod prices fluctuated as the 2017 Barents Sea Total Allowable Catch (TAC) was finalised at 890,000 tonnes, down 4,000 tones y-o-y. In addition, Norwegian cod prices have been supported by high demand across Europe, driven by cod being used as a cheaper alternative for salmon. 
Coldwater prawns (NO) 2298 0.40% -18.40% Norwegian coldwater prawn prices remain lower y-o-y due to increased catches in their major fishing waters. Norway's Total Allowable Catch (TAC) in the Norwegian Sea and Skagerrak region is up 90% y-o-y to 18,600 tonnes this year.
Plaice (UK) 1997 -1.70% 55.40%  
Yellowfin tuna (SC) 1635 -8.80% 30.60% Yellowfin prices have fallen due to low demand for canned tuna products and a subsequent slowdown in processing from canneries. Between January to June, EU canned tuna imports fell 32% y-o-y to 19,000 tonnes.