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Porridge wins big: cereals value sales
Porridge wins big: cereals value sales
  Everyday Family 546.4 -1.3%
  Family Flavoured 298.1 -2.3%
  Muesli & Granola 248.1 0.7%
  Functional Health 206.7 -4.4%
Porridge 221.6 5.2%
Portable 54.6 -4.9%
Branded 1123.8 -2.5%
Own label 451.7 3.4%
Source: Kantar Worldpanel, 52 w/e 9 September 2018

Branded and own-label cereals are doing battle over Britain's breakfast tables. And own label is winning, up 3.4% on volumes up 3.3% as brands lost 2.5% in value terms and 2.1% in volume. Overall, the market has dipped 0.9% on volumes that have inched up 0.1%. 

Brands have been hit hardest in the declining ready-to-eat cereals sector, which accounts for 82.5% of the total market. RTE brands have slipped 3.7% on volumes down 5.3%, as shoppers have been lured away by cheap own-label multigrain hoops and cornflakes, selling for an average of £1.68 less per kilo than the branded equivalents.

"Own-label ranges are making significant gains and now account for 28.7% of market value and 42.1% of volume," says Kantar analyst Benjamin Montague. He adds that this is partly down to the growth of Aldi and Lidl, where more than 90% of cereals sold are own label. The discounters have increased their market share by 0.2% and 0.3% points respectively. 

"Own label is also making gains in the traditional supermarkets," adds Montague. "It has seen very strong growth in Asda (16.0%) and Morrisons (10.1%)."