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What's most important to shoppers in cereals?
Importance to shoppers (out of five)  
  Cereals Grocery average    
Quality 3.6 3.6      
Price  3.6 3.5      
Offers  3.4 3.2      
Availability 3.4 3.2      
Health  3.2 3      
Navigation 3.2 3.1      
Authenticity 2.8 3      
Source: Shopper Intelligence data 2018, 109,340 grocery shoppers
Cereal bars keep market afloat: breakfast value sales
  Value (m) % change
Cereals 1,298.8 -1.5
Breakfast alternatives   466.0 5.4
Hot breakfast items 246.9 0.0
Breakfast drinks   16.1 -13.9
Branded vs own label    
Branded 1,495.0 -1.5
Own label 532.7 4.8
Fastest growing retailers by value gain  
Lidl 10.9%  
Aldi 7.2%  
Asda 1.6%  
Source: Kantar, 52 w/e 21 April 2019    

Growth in breakfast has slowed this year to just 0.1%, taking the market to a total of £2,027.8m.
Breakfast alternatives – including cereal bars and breakfast biscuits – are the standout performer. They only account for 23% of the market, so are still well behind cereals. However, their 5.4% growth has mitigated declines in cereal and breakfast drinks.
The rising sales of breakfast alternatives can be attributed to innovation and their ability to tap multiple need states.
In contrast, porridge sales have remained flat, following a period of long-term growth. Last year’s growth can be attributed primarily to the unusually low temperatures from the ‘Beast from the East’. However, as temperatures normalised again, porridge sales flattened.
The decline in cereals is driven primarily by existing shoppers shopping less frequently, and also lower pack prices.
The past year has also seen shoppers shift from branded cereal lines, down 3.5% to £899.7m, to cheaper own-label cereals, which are up 3.3% to be worth just shy of £400m.
Iona White,

Age group by % of brunch occasion
Age group by % of brunch occasion
Children under 16 16.7%
16-24 13.7%
25-34 14.5%
35-44 14.0%
45-54 15.9%
55-64 10.8%
65+ 14.4%
Top ways to eat brunch by % of occasion
Fuel  23.6%
A quick bite 18.5%
Planned  16.8%
Together time 13.9%
In front of the TV 5.1%
Kantar: 52 w/e 24 March 2019