Premium Australian mango sales are set to grow by four times year on year between now and March, according to importer Minor Weir & Willis.
The company said it would be bringing in four to six tonnes of the fruit each week until the end of February, with produce already on-shelf in Sainsbury and Morrisons stores.
The mangoes command a big premium over the standard Israeli and Brazilian mangoes available at this time of year, selling at around twice the price. This is partly because they are more fragile than standard mangoes and so are flown in rather than shipped.
The Australian variety on sale right now is Kensington Pride, a virtually fibreless mango.
This will sell until late January when Pearl, a late maturing type that gets its name from its pearl-flecked skin, will take over until the end of the following month.
The fruit is grown in Australia by Perfection Fresh, which has exclusive export rights over the Pearl variety.
MWW sales manager Chris Abram claimed that both mango varieties boasted a “staggering flavour” and were well worth the extra they cost.
“They sell at a high price point but they are wonderful mangoes, highly coloured and with a distinct aroma. They are marketed under retailers’ premium brands.”
Abram added that for the first time Birmingham-based MWW was able to offer premium mangoes 52 weeks of the year, with marketable volumes also coming in from Thailand, India, Pakistan and Israel.
Richard Clarke