The UK home baking market is currently worth £644.8m, and has grown by 18.2% year-on-year on the back of price increases of 13% and a 2.8% increase in purchase frequency.

Baking sugars, fruit & nuts, flour and finishings are driving the market’s price inflation. Finishings and cake mixes, meanwhile, are powering the growth in penetration, attracting new shoppers.

Asda, Sainsbury’s and the discounters have all succeeded in attracting new shoppers to the category. Although Waitrose strongly overtrades in home baking, it is growing behind the market at 11.3% year-on-year. Sainsbury’s also overtrades and is growing strongly, up 20.2%.

Although own label accounts for 52.2% of total value, its growth rate of 15.7% lags brands’ 21%.

Ed Griffiths, Kantar Worldpanel