Three lucky Scottish workmen will win the chance to star on billboards across Scotland in a competition run by Barr Soft Drinks.

The company's 'Scotland raise your glass' campaign, run in association with the Daily Record, will celebrate the iconic status of Barr's returnable glass bottles in the country. It said the bottles, which have encased flavours such as limeade, red kola, cream soda, ginger beer, soda water, pineapple, cola and orangeade, reminded Scots of some of the best moments in their lives.

Aspiring poster models are required to send photos of themselves to the Daily Record, and the winners will star in an advert that shows them enjoying a drink after a hard day's work. The ad will be one of a series of five, which will feature some of Scotland's most famous landmarks. It is set to appear across the country at the end of next month. Barr has set some tough rules for the competition. Winning billboard stars must all work together, be Scottish, and have a good personality and sense of humour.

Brand manager Martin Steele said: "The Barr returnable glass bottle is a true Scottish icon and this campaign aims to turn a spotlight on the bottle, the great flavours and the moments that everyone in Scotland remembers."