Rachel’s Organic is the latest dairy manufacturer to encourage kids to get the drinking yoghurt habit.
Its probiotic Drinking Yoghurt (four for £2.29) follows Munch Bunch Drinky+ and Petits Filous Plus, but is the first organic kids’ drinking
yoghurt on the market. MD Neil Burchell said that organic products had taken a 10% share of the yoghurt market and organic drinking yoghurts could do the same for the growing category.
The strawberry-flavour drinks are high in calcium and, because they are organic, do not have any added vitamins. Burchell said research showed that mums didn’t really trust some of the other products on the market. He added: “We think they will be giving our drinks to children at breakfast alongside toast or cereal, or as a snack.”
Drinking yoghurt is one of three products in the brand’s new kids’ range aimed at school-age children. Rachel’s Organic is also launching a four-pack yoghurt in strawberry, raspberry, apple & blackberry and banana flavours (rsp: £1.49) and a two-pack of traditional rice pudding (rsp: 99p), specifically for kids.
Burchell said that the products were being launched in response to demand for healthier kids’ snacking options.
Packaging on the yoghurts range - for babies and toddlers - has been redesigned to reflect the target audience more clearly. It uses ticks to communicate health benefits, such as ‘high in calcium’ and ‘no GM’.
Helen Gregory