Heinz is rolling out the Pudliszki brand in the UK to give Polish consumers a taste of home.

A limited number of Pudliszki products have been available at some Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's stores, but the range has now been extended to include ready meals such as pork and beef goulash, beef tripe in broth (both rsp: £1.79) and stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce (£1.49), along with mild tomato ketchup (£1.09).

Pudliszki, which is hugely popular in Poland, is primarily aimed at Polish migrants but Heinz believes UK consumers will want to sample the range because of the rise in the number of Polish restaurants, cafes and delicatessens.

There are 750,000 Poles in the UK - 2% of the total Polish population - and this is expected to rise.

"The UK's Polish consumer base continues to grow at an exceptional rate and offers retailers tremendous sales potential," said Lucy Clark, Pudliszki brand marketer.