A new functional water claims to help maximise weight loss.

Bio-Synergy Skinny Water contains naturally occurring amino acids and minerals to help suppress appetite and increase metabolism to burn more fat. The added chromium can stave off cravings for high carbohydrate or sugary foods by regulating blood sugar levels, while l-carnitine is an amino acid the body uses to turn fat into energy. They are both tasteless and odourless.

The water also contains pomegranate juice, which is high in antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals .

MD Daniel Herman said the water was aimed at anyone interested in weight management. "As a dietary supplement, drink one bottle of Bio-Synergy Skinny Water two to four times daily - take one 30 minutes before a meal to block carbohydrates or whenever you are thirsty," he said.

Bio-Synergy Skinny Water has fewer than nine calories per bottle and costs 99p for 500ml in Harrods and Tesco.