Baco has claimed a UK first with the launch of a biodegradable cling film.

BioWrap 100% (rsp: £1.59) contains an additive that helps the film degrade with exposure to heat, light and oxygen. It will degrade completely in around two years faster, Baco claimed, than natural materials such as straw.

The film can still be used in freezers and microwaves but should be used within 12 months of opening. It will be launched into Asda and Sainsbury's by Christmas.

"We are committed to developing innovative and practical products that play a useful role in the consumer's love of food while helping them to manage and reduce waste for the benefit of the environment," said Claire Morgan, marketing manager at brand owner Wrap Film Systems.

Biodegradable cling film is already available in France but BioWrap was a UK first, she said.