Younger drinkers are being targeted in a campaign to reinvigorate the classic German wine brand Black Tower. Two new styles have been added to the original brand following tests last year, while the packaging has been revamped. The wine is being backed by a £1m marketing budget this year. The new look range will be launched next week and should be on shelf by June when the marketing activity begins. UK distributor Matthew Clark has lined up promotional activity through national magazines, consumer sampling and a regional media roadshow. A national advertising campaign will begin in September. The wine, from German producer Reh Kendermann, was one of the first brands in the UK wine market but lost ground as consumers switched to New World styles. For the last decade it has been locked in a battle with rival Blue Nun for the major share of the declining German wine market. Although its position has slipped to 18th in the UK branded wine list, md Hans Berktold claimed it was the number one German wine brand by value in multiple grocers and value sales were growing at 10% per year. Berktold said: "Our research underlined the extent to which the brand can be exploited. It can establish a franchise with younger and more regular drinkers and still appeals to the substantial group of brand loyalists." Last year the company tested a white dry Riesling and a red Dornfelder Pinot Noir alongside the original Rivaner style. Matthew Clark said positive feedback led to the decision to roll the wines out nationally this year. Matthew Clark marketing director Steve Holt said: "The brand is at a crossroads. It is positioned in the sub £4 market which is heavily promoted. The way to break out of that is to build on the brand strengths so people will buy it off promotion. "It would be naïve to say we could walk away from price promotions but we hope to in time." {{DRINKS }}