Exclusive Mary Carmichael The Lilt Ladies are back on TV on June 16 to spearhead a new multimillion Lilt Laughter Lobby campaign for the Coca-Cola GB brand ­ part of the company's £35m brand revitalisation programme. In four executions, the ladies, Blanche and Hazel, bring a Caribbean sense of fun to all things British. Locations include a golf course where, after exuberant divot-bashing, the ladies opt for a rest in a bunker. They also run up and down the lanes of a bowling alley, contort themselves into yoga poses, and invade the Civil Service Riding Club where they try to master getting on and off a horse. The 30 second ads will be accompanied by 10 second spots promoting a Lilt Lady Dolls offer through a website, www.liltladies.com. The dolls giggle when squeezed and cost £2.99 each. The offer will also be flagged on all pineapple and grapefruit variety packs on shelf from July 5. Blanche and Hazel will be out and about throughout the summer on a Laughter Hits tour. The Ladies made their debut in April 1998, in a £5m campaign that marked the brand's first departure from idyllic tropical beach scenes. They have featured in ads set at busy London stations and in the boxing ring with Britain's doom-mongering weathermen. {{MARKETING - P&P }}