There’s a fine line between cute and creepy. Just picture John Craven in a babydoll dress.

Andrex has dispensed with its much-loved Labrador for a strangely unsettling CGI doppelganger that walks on two legs, uses a laptop and has less than convincing anthropomorphic antics with its equally eerie ‘girlfriend’.

It’s presumably meant to be lovable, but nobody in their right mind would wipe their backside on a computer-generated dog. They just aren’t absorbent enough.

The strapline claims ‘It’s the little things’ that count. Which is maybe why very little thought indeed appears to have gone into the advert.

Perhaps further adventures will show the dog being ejected from a moving car near junction 11 of the M4 or being stuffed in a sack and tossed into a lake. Hopefully this puppy is just for Christmas.

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