Ambrosia sets up a depressing summer with Devon Dream

Ambrosia is focusing on summer in its new ad for cream-custard hybrid Devon Dream - but it’s not the sunny paradise most ads portray.

“This isn’t pudding,” a staid voiceover informs us of a bowl of strawberries. A John Peel lookalike tops them with DD and – hey presto! – “this is pudding”. A series of peculiarly bland vignettes follows. Some factory workers liven up their fag break with berries next to the bins and a glum, defeated cricketer gets his pastry topped as a consolation.

The “Tastes like custard, pours like cream” slogan is right to the point. But why the ad ends with the part-French “vive le pudding” line is unclear. If you’re not going to reference the south west, why bother calling it Devon Dream in the first place?