Asda temp Andrew Paterson impressed his bosses at the retailer’s Edinburgh store; they chose to renew his part-time contract.

Nothing unusual in that, as anyone who ever worked a part-time job as a student will testify. But Paterson, who goes to Edinburgh Heriot-Watt, felt the urge to share the news on Twitter.

“Very happy to announce that I’ve renewed my contract with Asda and will continue working weekends for the near future,” read his tweet, which was accompanied by two pictures - one of Andrew signing the contract, and one of him holding up his uniform like a football player at a press conference.

The post ‘went viral’, and had amassed more than 24,000 retweets as Bogof went to press.

With publicity like that, Asda will have to be careful he’s not snapped up when the next transfer window opens.