We’ve just about accepted the presence of insects as a foodstuff for body-building protein maniacs and ‘zany’ showoffs, but a new creepy crawly creation puts bugs-as-food at the heart of civilisation.

Yes - the photo above isn’t the result of sabotage by a disgruntled pie factory worker - those are on-purpose bugs in mince pies! The ‘mince flies’ (they actually contained buffalo worms and dried locusts) were being given out for free by children at London’s fashionable Borough Market this week. This is what happens when you’re stingy with the trick or treat sweets at Halloween, Londoners!

Of course, the kids - from the nearby Harris Academy Greenwich and Graveney School - were in fact raising awareness of sustainable food. And some of the little tinkers genuinely seemed to enjoy their insectoid ‘treats.’ You’re welcome to ‘em, kids.