Chocolate Lab is a new restaurant in Denver, Colorado. Its name isn’t inspired by the friendly brown hounds, but by a rather more prosaic reason: everything on the menu contains chocolate.

The eaterie, just opened by ‘mad scientist’ Phil Simonson, uses chocolate in every dish - starter, main course, pudding (imagine!) and cocktail. Highlights include spicy meatballs with a chocolate BBQ sauce, cocoa-rubbed tenderloin and mixed greens with chopped choc. You have to ask what the soup of the day is, amusingly.

If Chocolate Lab is going to prosper anywhere then in it’s the US, where they love chocolate, even if they don’t know where it comes from. A survey by the Innovation Center for US Dairy, of 1,000 adults, has found that 7% of them reckon chocolate milk comes from ‘brown cows’. If that’s not troubling enough, 48% answered ‘don’t know’.