dakota johnson estrella

Big-shot director Alejandro Amenábar is behind this lush 10-minute short starring Estrella Damm beer.

It also stars Dakota Johnson as Rachel, who is enjoying a Mediterranean holiday with a cohort of Spaniards. Victor (Quim Gutiérrez) evidently has the hots for her, but can’t make a connection until his talent for banal music and film trivia comes to the fore (women love that). But where has this knowledge come from? Saying ‘vale’ (OK) to his pals and immersing himself in culture – often while enjoying an Estrella – of course!

Friendship trumps romance in this story, which is as beautiful as the people and locations it photographs (ie very). But while the beer makes several cameo appearances in idyllic scenes – which can’t hurt – the brand’s willingness to blow what must have been an enormous budget on such fluff makes you wonder if it really needs the money from sales.