deliveroo mother clucker deep fried creme egg

For Christians, Easter is a time to remember an atrocious act. It’s also, for pagan-but-let’s-not-overthink-it reasons, a time for everyone to eat loads of chocolate eggs.

Deliveroo has teamed up with trendy fried chicken supplier Mother Clucker (it sells it from a converted US Army ambulance in Brick Lane, yeah?) to unite these things. Behold – the deep-fried Creme Egg!

The aberrations are prepared using the same ‘secretly spiced’ flour and buttermilk MC uses on its chicken strips, giving the Creme Eggs (and Caramel Eggs, for that matter) a uniquely crusty-looking texture. This, when combined with the oozing deformed meltyness of the choc and confection, is presumably what makes them look so profoundly, movingly, horrific.

Deliveroo customers who order from Mother Clucker this week will get free eggs, with more than 200 available.

“Once you’ve tried a Creme Egg deep fried there’s not really anywhere else to go in life,” reckons Joe Groves at Deliveroo. “As a species we have surely peaked.”

Good on you, Joe.