Pizza Melted cheese extra Eurovision

Source: SpareRoom

Europizza: bet you’re regretting that Brexit vote now, eh?

The four-cheese pizza is a mighty creation, allowing pizza-inventing Italians to showcase four of their finest formaggi on one delicious disc.

But why should Italy have all the fun? Hopes are not high for the musical content of tonight’s Eurovision Song Contest, but the wail-off has prompted the culinary geniuses at *checks notes* SpareRoom to unite the continent’s (and Australia and Israel’s) finest fromages on one cheesy colossus. The 41-cheese ‘Quarantuno Formaggi’ carries Belarussian quark, Moldovan rossiyskiy and Serbian bryndza, among more familiar suspects like Italian parmesan, British wensleydale, Dutch gouda and, er, Icelandic skyr yoghurt. What a dairylicious-sounding combo!

The pizzas are, amazingly, free. A limited run will be available on Eurovision day from pizzeria Baz & Fred (either in person or via Deliveroo in London). If that doesn’t work for you, and you can afford to clean out your nearest deli counter, there’s a recipe for a scaled-down 10-cheese version on SpareRoom’s blog. Or you can just put lots of different cheeses on an existing pizza, of course. Go crazy, folks.

This is the European cheese-dream we’re leaving behind, Brexit Britain. For shame!