Cheetos PepsiCo 2015

Amusing fast food merchandise aside, we don’t cover a lot of fashion - and certainly not the high-end, couture sort of stuff. Models and food have a complex relationship, you see.

But that’s all changing now. Fancy US fashion label Chromat (it makes ‘architectural swim + athleticwear’) is known for convention-busting - having been among the first to use plus-size, transgender and amputee models. But its New York Fashion Week show broke one of the fashion world’s last taboos - on-runway snacking.

Many of Chromat’s models munched Cheetos (Flamin’ Hot, since you ask) as they marched, while others saw packs of the cornmeal puffs incorporated into their outfits, with packs lashed to their trousers with bungee cords. Other outfits saw several large cans of energy drinks housed in multiple pockets. Expect Kate Moss to be taping bags of Wotsits to her jeans before the season’s out.