cornflake art

Anne Griffiths’ ‘Taxonomy of the Cornflake’ 

The 2018 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition is upon us – and it’s a big year! To mark the 250th anniversary of the exhibit, Grayson Perry has been asked to curate.

And Perry and his team haven’t let the world of food and drink down. Among the 1,300 art works selected for display is Anne Griffiths’ ‘Taxonomy of the Cornflake’.

Griffiths – whom you suspect as a child might have had a habit of playing with her food – has pinned up 84 flakes (from 11 different brands) in a glass cabinet, butterfly-style. It’s “an interrogation into our habits of collecting and display”, she tells Bogof. It raises questions about what we take for granted, and invites us to consider the beauty in the everyday.

Cereal nerds (we know you exist) can play guess the flake, but the piece (which has already been sold, for £900), comes with a thorough index.

So what’s Griffiths’ breakfast flake of choice? Diplomatically, she says she prefers toast.