gold chicken wings

Lenin reckoned that when communism was globally successful, gold would be used to build public lavatories.

Instead, the latest harbinger of a world going swiftly to the capitalist pigdogs comes in the form of gold-coated chicken wings, 10 of which you can get at New York’s Ainsworth restaurant for $45 (£35) (or 50 for $1,000 (£774), with a bottle of champagne thrown in).

The wings are the result of a “collab” between Ainsworth and awful preening ‘influencer’ Jonathan Cheban, who refers to himself as ‘Foodgod’. A delicious-sounding mix of ingredients is ‘augmented’ by ‘gold butter’ and 24k gold dust, leaving diners with an Instagrammable ‘gold lipstick’ effect that makes them look - ever so slightly - horrifically vulgar.

What would Lenin think?