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No problemo: Roger Whiteside ignores the steak bakes

Netflix documentary The Game Changers looks like being the Super Size Me of its generation, inspiring droves to change the way they eat.

Super-fit vegans in the doc include F1 champ Lewis Hamilton, runner Morgan Mitchell and mixed martial arts bloke James Wilks – even producer Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly ‘99% vegan’.

The film is already having an effect. Tour de France winner Chris Froome is said to have gone plant-based as a result of watching it. Now to the list we can another champion: North East Business Executive of the Year Roger Whiteside.

At 61, the Greggs boss might not be a sporting titan, but his age and job could make him a more important convert than any number of beefcake athletes. Avoiding meat is easy, he reckons, with milk and cheese proving trickier.

For now it’s a chance to plug Greggs’ range (animal avoiders will be hoping for further offerings from the baker), but who knows? If a steak bake doesn’t tempt him off the wagon, maybe we could see Rog on the senior bodybuilding circuit. After all, he’s 10 years younger than Arnie…