Back in September 2017, Bogof introduced readers of The Grocer to a US brand called Halo Top. We were taken with the ice cream company’s delightfully horrific advert, in which a sinister robot persistently feeds an elderly woman its product, later telling her ‘everyone you love is gone, there is only ice cream’.

Adorable. Anyway, now the brand is a success in the UK (you’re welcome), its advertising has become more palatable to a mainstream audience. Well, a bit. A new campaign veers away from sci-fi/horror into a new genre: social realism.

A new series of ads, available online, introduce us to Halo Top’s sage ice cream man. Adorable kids queue for a treat, but instead get bleak truths about life - unhappy, more deserving grown-ups get the ice cream. A sarcastically upbeat jingle follows.

Little ones get the lowdown on mortgages, online dating and the world of work. A kiddie couple are told “love is an illusion and we all die alone”. “Are any of us OK?” our hero adds. “I’m not.”