chicp humous painting

Plastic-filled wet wipes and towelettes are increasingly flushed down our nation’s lavs, blocking sewers and contributing to those terrifying fatbergs that keep popping up. And that’s before any fish get the chance to choke on them.

This issue has attracted the attention of houmous brand ChicP’s founder Hannah McCollum, who has decided to do something about it, teaming up with artist Lucy de Roeper to make an awareness-raising piece.

‘Using ChicP houmous, baby wipes and paint as materials, the two created a masterpiece of art to show people the damage of their actions,’ their PR tells us, rather immodestly. We’re not sure what constitutes a masterpiece these days, but if you think you can do any better, the pair plan on hosting an event in February where people can create their own art using upcycled materials.

We’re not sure what any of this has to do with houmous, beyond that, well, it looks a bit like baby poop. While that might not be a wise association for ChicP to make, you can’t knock its dedication to the cause.

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