marmite gene project

Marmite has kicked off its ‘Gene Project’, a DNA-themed campaign that apparently reveals whether or not we have a genetic disposition to ‘love’ or ‘hate’ the spread.

A funny ad shows consumers getting their results through the post, causing arguments at breakfast tables. And we can join in the fun! Packs direct consumers to a facial recognition app that analyses their post-taste gurns, while ‘DNA kits’, made by genetics company DNA Fit, are available for £90 a pop.

However, a withering takedown in the New Scientist claims it’s all cobblers. Single nucleotide polymorphisms, it argues, cannot be used to define Marmite preference without additional research (involving ‘experimental animals’).

And what results come up for those people with ambivalent feelings about Marmite? Bogof has no idea who is right, but we’re happy to provoke a boffin-off. Fight!