Twinkly-eyed cake duchess Mary Berry won many a heart in her role as Paul Hollywood’s reproachful auntie in BBC bunfight The Great British Bake Off. But it seems that beyond the world of flour, she’s proving rather less popular.

Berry has published more than 70 cookbooks - but a reprint of her 1995 tome Complete Cookbook has attracted the ire of marine conservationists, who don’t approve of a recipe for shark with tropical salsa. Sixty of the 400 species of shark are endangered, pointed out the Bite-Back charity.

And huffy Jaws fans are hitting back in the most devastating way possible - by encouraging fellow save-the-shark types to post bitchy reviews on Amazon.

Berry has already apologised and ordered the recipe to be excised from future editions. Diligent action, taken swiftly is smart crisis PR. Let’s just hope there are no recipes for horse burgers.