slow mo guys oreo

Given how annoying its advertising jingle is, our expectations were not high when we heard Oreo was teaming up with some popular YouTubers.

Fortunately, it partnered with The Slow Mo Guys, a pair of likeable, nerdy blokes called Gav and Dan whose thing is to - you guessed it - film things and replay it in slow motion.

Working to a brief of ‘anything’, the pair contrive a scenario whereby Dan dresses as a waiter, and runs on a treadmill suspended over a vat of milk, carrying a tray of more milk. Depending on how long he lasts, he wins Oreos, or something. It’s not important.

The exciting bit is of course when he inevitably fails. And the slo-mos are indeed spectacular, turning Dan’s faceplants and splashes into works of balletic beauty. Oreo will be delighted to get in front of the guys’ 11 million subscribers - and they’ll surely be grateful not to hear that jingle.