Call me cynical but you can't help wondering whether a small body of the JS management (ie King Justin) isn't curiously grateful that the utterly ludicrous Jamie Oliver chose this week to aim his cocked turkey-baster at his stunned paymasters. Most punters couldn't give a flying cluck about the fate of your average broiler, and the ignominy of seeing Oliver crowing on telly alongside the featherbrained Huge Furry-Fingerstall will in any case serve as a welcome distraction for the mutinous shareholders, still haunted by the fading memories of Qatari gold, while the hen-pecked occupants of the Holborn coop run around like free-range, headless chickens.

Watching Hugh F-W getting booted out of a Tesco was the high point of this otherwise revoltingly sanctimonious programme. I guess that would have to be a first - the Cheshunt chooks are usually pretty loath to let anyone through the out-door without thoroughly plucking them first.

Speaking for myself, I don't mind splashing out on a chick but I do draw the line at multiple organics. As chief enforcer of HMG's pricing policy and defender of Poor People, I'm just a tad uncomfortable with chronic inflation. So it was wonderful to see a good ol'fashioned price scrap developing. In Leeds, the Ginger Nut's new price ads are about as subtle as the Norovirus while, out of the generosity of its £3.3tr profits, Tesco promised to "throw a new year price line to keep customers afloat". What a compassionate lot. Next they'll be handing out free soup to Sam Allardyce and the other poor jobless souls.

What with Kevin Hawkins ending his benefit year at the BRC with a swansong that would make a Smiths record sound jolly, I can't help feeling 2008 is going to be a vintage year at DRIP. Pumsey's the man who puts Price first, although I'm not talking about grocery bosses, I hasten to add.