I may have mentioned Daddy’s deep loathing of “pinko shopkeepers,” and in particular The Co-op Group, in the past. So I’m surprised not to see his views reflected in the store group’s ‘Have Your Say’ survey results because I know he took part, frequently and under several aliases. Anyway, according to The Co-op’s own interpretation of the results, it is not, after all, a hotbed of communism or designed to make British shoppers miserable by being prissy, worthy and incompetent all at the same time. Instead, we apparently want it to be cheaper (“All that socialism comes at a price,” Daddy says when we discuss the results over dinner at Old Tom & English) and stock a wider range of better products.

This has come as a revelation to Co-op management, who were apparently planning to do the exact opposite. That must be the case, given the enthusiasm and apparent surprise with which they’ve greeted the survey’s results. It all plays neatly into the hands of Karoline (with a K) who has built a whole campaign proposal on a ‘Co-op - it could be worse’ creative platform. No sign of anyone else doing a Co-op Christmas TV ad yet, so we’re in with a chance. I can see Holly Willoughby walking through a typical store repeatedly saying “Christmas at The Co-op - it could be worse.”

Talking of creative leaps forward, I’m delighted to see Unilever introducing a range of mood-reflecting products, such as VO5 Rough & Sexy Sea Salt hairspray (not, note, Rough ‘n’ Sexy, so a big leap forward for literacy). I plan to leave it on prominent display in the bathroom next time a boy comes back. I’m hoping he’ll bring his new Sure Huge Todger deodorant with him.