In 2001, the creators of South Park introduced Towelie - a deliberately pointless, drug-addled anthropomorphic towel.

But at least he had a catchphrase. Paul the Towel Man - the star of Pot Noodle’s Brazilian BBQ ad - merely drones on about his cushy life. This consists of being carried to the beach by a bikini-clad Brazilian beauty, where he spends the day lying down, relaxing - and proselytising in an annoying voice.

Given Pot Noodle’s racy ad history, you might expect one of the sexy ladies to lie down on Paul - but it doesn’t happen. Did the ASA deem it too risqué?

The answer to the ad’s ‘why try harder?’ slogan seems obvious. As South Park’s Cartman said to Towelie: “You’re the worst character ever.”