Infamously aggressive former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane has a new book out. Shops are excited by the potential sales uplift - but the supermarkets have a distinct advantage over mere book stores.

There are just so many ways to add value! Maybe include the book in a multibuy deal with assorted first-aid items and a beard trimmer? Tesco in Cork’s promotion was particularly quick-witted. It offered every shopper who picked up Roy’s tome a free prawn sandwich - a reference to comments he made in 2000 about United’s home support. The term ‘prawn sandwich brigade’ (bourgeois football noobs who don’t really get it) has haunted the game ever since.

Pleasingly, the book contains an fmcg-related anecdote. As Sunderland manager, Keane claims he was considering signing Welsh journeyman Robbie Savage - only to be put off by Savage’s Budweiser ad-aping answerphone message: “Wazzzuuuup!” Wisely, Roy hung up.