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Source: Unsplash

I’m all right, snack: a more acceptable Pringles/wine combination

Prosecco-flavoured crisps symbolise a society folding in on itself: a conflation of commoditised ‘decadence’, paucity of innovative thought and the triumph of technology over logic. More importantly, they’re foul.

In Italy, they aren’t having it. Authorities have seized hundreds of tubes of Prosecco & Pink Peppercorn Pringles from a supermarket in the Veneto region. Veneto, you see, is where prosecco comes from, and where the sparkling wine’s denomination of controlled origin status is jealously guarded.

Veneto president Luca Zaia was furious enough to post a pic of the offending snacks on Facebook, with a giant red ‘NO!’ superimposed over it, and an accompanying rant about how ‘WE CAN NO LONGER TOLERATE [his caps] that a protected name be used without authorisation!’.

Pringles assured that ‘the use of the name of the product on the packaging was designed in line with DOC guidelines and European regulations’. But it seems the Italians have won the longer game. It has ‘no plans to produce this variant in the future’. Shame.