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Source: Pukka Pies

I only have pies for you: a pair of Pukka’s personal pies

British pie week is upon us – as good an excuse as any to indulge in a pastry-encased gobful or two.

Pukka Pies is marking it with ‘pie-sonalised’ All Steak and Chicken & Mushroom pies. But it hasn’t just slapped any old names on its packs. The Leicestershire pastry wizards have done their research, revealing ‘the top 10 names of Brits most likely to love pies’.

It’s a traditional-looking lineup: John, David Paul, Michael and Alan are at the front of the blokes’ pie queue, while for the ladies it’s Sarah, Lisa, Claire, Emma and Gemma.

And they’re pretty unadventurous when it comes to fillings. The top three most popular are apparently Steak & Kidney, Steak & Ale and… All Steak.

Pukka didn’t share its doubtless scientifically rigorous workings, but said ‘those named Alan are most partial to a Steak & Kidney filling above any other, whereas Gemmas prefer chicken-filled pies’. It doesn’t end there. ‘If your name begins with a J, you’re statistically more likely to love pies.’

Just how did they find this out? Eat your pies with one eye open this week – Pukka may be watching you.