Red Bull isn’t just an fmcg success - it’s also pretty nifty on the track, winning the Formula 1 drivers and constructors championships for the past three years with ruthless efficiency.

But the company found itself in hot water with the ASA this week, after a competition it ran for a ‘VIP’ trip to the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix resulted in a decidedly less-than-VIP experience for the winners.

The lucky pair were informed of their prize at the last minute, had to share a bed in a Dutch hotel (despite asking for a twin room) and haul their luggage to the circuit… as they needed to leave before the race had even ended to catch their flight (on a budget airline, natch) home.

Let’s hope it doesn’t make such a balls-up (or should that be bulls-up?) of things again. Bogof is of course available to test any VIP treatments Red Bull wishes to dole out. Ta in advance, guys