From leafleting and starting petitions through to Stokes Croft-esque riots, there are plenty of ways for Nimbys to try and prevent supermarkets from opening.

But a proposed Sainsbury’s store in Portishead, Somerset, has been foiled - albeit temporarily - by an amphibious activist. Great crested newts inhabit the swamp Sainsbo’s apparently has plans for, and lizard-loving locals have stepped in to halt construction.

The newts need to be shifted and will be rehomed after the store is built. But the cheeky tykes have started hibernating, meaning: “We cannot now start on site until next spring”, according to Sainsbury’s glum regional town planning manager.

Given the investment at stake - the store is estimated at £15m - Holborn could perhaps be forgiven for thinking that (ahem) no newts is good newts.