fizzy soft drink

By day, he’s mild-mannered Lee. By night… well, OK, he’s still Lee. But if Marvel is after a Scotsman to join its cinematic universe, it might consider Irn-Bru Man.

When AG Barr reduced the sugar content of his favourite drink, Lee didn’t just stand by. When his full-sugar stockpiles ran out, he came up with his own version of the girder-filled drink so beloved of his countrymen.

Lee uses a SodaStream to fizz some water, before adding an aspartame-free ‘iron brew’ syrup (available online). He’s not the hero Scotland needs - but he may be the one it deserves.

Elsewhere, a Glasgow café has knocked up a vegan Irn-Bru sandwich. Thankfully not the Irn-Bru-soaked bread you’re all picturing, the ‘piece’ in fact contains jackfruit and mushrooms that have been roasted in the orange stuff. Fancy!

We await Lee’s version with interest.

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