As it’s November (or ‘Christmas’, as retailers call it), Selfridges has unveiled its seasonal shop window display. It’s an ambitious, thought-provoking model of London’s lost and unbuilt architecture. Made out of gingerbread, obviously.

The project resurrects demolished London sights such as Euston Arch and Newgate Gaol, and lines them up alongside never-built sights like the glass Tower of London. Between the biscuity buildings - created by Lyle’s, Biscuiteers and food fiddlers Bompas & Parr - flows a Golden Syrup River Thames: a similar colour to the original, but more delicious.

The cityscape offers quite a glam alternative vision of London: the cakey capital includes 2kg of edible glitter. It also took more than 400 hours to design, bake and build - so it’s probably a bit stale now. It’s on display until the new year, so let’s hope none of the buildings crumble.