It’s Super Bowl weekend, the most wonderful time of the year for US ad execs, concert promoters, flypast pilots and fireworks salespeople. There’s even time for a game of American throwball!

Our favourite ad this year comes from frozen food brand Devour, which tackles the idea of ‘food porn’ head-on. The ad sees a woman describe the ‘frozen food porn’ addiction of her boyfriend, who can’t stop watching videos of melty-looking microwave meals and has consequently become a “three-minute man”. Some suggestive camera and prop work sees the ad wade bravely into ‘too far’ territory.

Classier is Skittles, which isn’t doing an ad, apart from the one in which actor Michael C Hall explains he’s participating in an actual theatrical performance of ‘Skittles Commercial: the Broadway Musical’. He’ll be part of a 17-strong cast performing original shows in a one-off show at The Town Hall in New York City.

And provided The Grocer’s editor signs off the modest travel, accommodation and ticket costs, Bogof will be there! Full report next week, we expect.

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