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Source: Popcorn Shed

Popping out (of Europe): some Jez and Tess popcorn

There’s been lots about Brexit in the news recently, but no one seems to have asked any questions about whether or not it’s going to have any impact on the food and drink world.

Well, the answer is yes. Popcorn Shed is marking 29 March (whether we actually leave then or not) with two limited edition lines named for our political leaders. ‘Theresa Maize’ is a salted caramel with Belgian chocolate option, while ‘Jeremy Corn-byn’ offers a very slightly different chocolate caramel with Belgian chocolate backstop.

Popcorn Shed – whose press release for some reason specifically tells us was founded by ‘first cousins’ Sam and Laura in 2016 – says the launch is designed to ‘lament the slowdown in its export enquiries’.

They’re £10 for two 80g Brexit ‘sheds’ - why not buy and spend two-and-a-half years engaged in futile debate about which is best?