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Source: Shutterstock/Jordan Pettit

Keep on truckin’: Dolly the Citroën in ‘unpacked’ mode

Meet ‘the world’s smallest food truck’! British chef Andrew Mellon has equipped ‘Dolly’ the Citroën 2CV with three ovens, two sinks, a bar, grill, a drinking water tap and a set of drawers.

Dolly is to tour the UK’s food fairs spreading not only Mellon’s soufflés and lobster rolls, but also an anti-plastic message. With all that kit on board, try not to get stuck behind it going up any hills.

The overhaul cost Mellon about £25,000, so let’s hope he doesn’t find out about the Verts ‘kebap’ food truck that’s packed into a (smaller) Smart car in Austin, Texas.