trump putin beer one use

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, Donald Trump’s visit to Europe had a knock-on effect on our boozing behaviour. Well, you’d drink more if he was coming for dinner.

In London, the Jameson Arms pub changed its name to the Trump Arms in honour of the president’s visit, publicly inviting him for a pint. But not even Nigel Farage showed up, the bar instead populated only by vaguely curious journalists. Sad!

In Finland, where Trump travelled on to meet Vladimir Putin, the Rock Paper Scissors brewery in Kuopio created a special ‘Let’s Settle This Like Adults’ beer. It’s an intriguingly vague moniker - is it celebrating their maturity, or encouraging it? The label features a fist-bumping Vlad and Don… but they could be punching each other. Its rather generous treatment of the leaders’ hairstyles seems to suggest it’s a pro-tyrant brew, but this one goes down as a hedged bet.