It’s hard to believe the Twiglets brand is 85. Born in the same year as the Great Depression, the knobbly, yeast extract-y snack has been cheering people up ever since.

Twiglets are - according to the venerable Wikipedia - the favourite snack of David Cameron, Ian Wright and Justin Lee Collins. With friends like that, it won’t last another 85 years… so a big PR stunt is in order.

Fortunately, last weekend’s ‘Big Feastival’ food fest provided the perfect opportunity. Twiglets employed the services of ‘food artist’ Miss Cakehead to create Camp Twiglet - a triptych of Twigwams made from 1.7 million Twiglets. The yeasty tents took 500 man hours to create, and weighed 1.5 tonnes.

They certainly look pretty sturdy. Perhaps the brand’s future lies in its use as a building material, with the novelty being that it’s apparently edible. See you for the party in 2099!