Ukip popcorn

Beer-loving smoking-in-pubs enthusiast Nigel Farage has been rallying his Ukip troops at a party conference in Canvey Island, Essex.

“Voting Ukip is a state of mind”, he declared. And what better way to get into that state than by imbibing some special Ukip popcorn? Fleetingly satisfying at best, puffed up by hot air and bad for you, Ukip evidently thought a snack might go down well.

With popcorn in hand, though, Kippers might have expected something more entertaining than Farage’s rantings. Members in search of movie tips might check out Twitter hashtag game #ukipfilms, which trended a couple of months ago and resulted in such suggestions as: You’ve Got The Daily Mail, Back to the Past, The Bongo Bongo Land That Time Forgot and 10 Things I Hate About EU.

More lame political party-branded food news as we have it.